Motivational Quotes

To you I can open my heart,
and share my innermost self.
I can trust you to accept me for who
I truly am.
As we awaken to our
inner light and beauty,
our souls flow together as one.

John O'Donohue

Not depending on an outward creator that points to my existence and defines my capacity to be…

But recognizing the life force of (love) that is within us at birth that creates us 

and is the essence of our growing into personhood.

Chris Anthoni

The power of love contains the strength to stand alone, to break free of the mediocre mind and into the

wholeness of Self..

It is when we look inward that we begin to discover the soul and our individual spiritual expression.




Aman Cara, is one who is there to help you hear your own inner voice. A soul friend. Chris has been mentoring since 1981 and has been there for others as they have discovered their own inner voice. Ecclesiastically trained and a true spiritual seeker, he is motivated by the love of life and friendship.

The co-founder of Kindred Spirit Retreats, an outreach to the LGBT+ community in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Central California, offering retreat progamming for spiritual and personal development. "I am excited about the path that I am on and have no regrets for the life I have experienced."



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